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Antique/Classic Car Insurance 

Classic and antique cars can be quite a joy to own. Some might even call owning classic cars a passion. These cars also happen to be major investments of time, money, and love.

Classic Car Insurance vs. Standard Auto Insurance – What’s the Difference?

The difference between standard auto insurance and classic and antique car insurance is quite significant. Traditional auto insurance coverage values cars according to their age and not, necessarily, their condition. That’s why it is so important to look for auto insurance specifically designed for antique and classic cars to protect your investment.


Classic and antique car insurance takes into account the amount of money invested in the act of restoring the car to its former glory. You’re able to purchase insurance coverage for that investment. At the same time, you cannot use this work of art as your primary vehicle. It’s a “Sunday drive” sort of car and not one you’d take to work every day. Most insurance policies impose mileage limits on autos they insure as classic or antique cars.

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What Qualifies as Classic Cars?

Classic cars are cars that are considered rare and ten or more years old. Antique cars are 25 or more years in age. Of course, these cars fall under many names or titles depending on their owners. Some may include:

  • Antique Cars

  • Antique Trucks

  • Exotic Cars

  • High-Quality Classic Car Replicas

  • Hot Rods

  • Low Riders

  • Muscle Cars

  • Street Rods

  • Vintage Vehicles


Some modern classic cars, race cars, and cars in the process of being restored also qualify as classic cars and need the more specialized auto insurance coverage as well.

Important Notice
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